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Northern Beaches Psychology

We are here to help anyone looking at therapy for the first time. We realise therapy can be scarey and confronting but it is our aim to help those entering into therapy to achieve success. We believe a major contributing factor to successful therapy lies in the relationship between the therapist and client. Our experience and research suggest that get this right and therapy has a much higher chance of success. If you have ever tried therapy and it did not work out dont be scared to try again successful therapy is worth it.



A psychologist is someone who has been to Uni and received a degree they must be registered with AHPRA and also with medicare.  A psychologist can not prescribe medication


A counsellor has been to college or tafe and does not have registration with APHRA and is not entitled for a medicare rebate. Generally a counsellor will have more training in one on one talk therapy however less training in assesment.

General Practitioners

General practitioners are doctors they have had many years at Uni and are able to prescribe medication and make mental health diagnosises. We always recommend seeing your GP first. GP’s have a wealth of knowledge in mental health and are a great starting point for anyone interested in therapy. On the northern beaches we have some of the most highly trained general practitioners in the world.

Should you require help with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mid-life crisis, fears, trauma and many another type of mental health concerns or illnesses please feel free to contact us.

Psychology started mainly with Freud however previously there were psychologists since Freud’s days’ of psychology and being a psychic has changed a lot and it is not generaly conducted the way society may believe.