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Anxiety is the largest mental health concern in Australia should you be suffering from anxiety please see your doctor. In Mona Vale or Newport Anxiety can be a very normal thing everyone suffers some form of anxiety from time to time. However many find the anxiety overwhelming and introding on there lives. Research proves without a doubt that therapy is the best form of help someone suffering from anxiety can get. Northern beaches Psychology .


Roughly 5 million Australians every year suffer from some form of anxiety from mild to severe.

Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Feeling of panic, fear and unisiness.
  • Cold or sweety hands
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpatations
  • Dry Mouth
  • Numbness or tingling in feet and hands
  • Loss of sex drive

If you or a loved one is suffering do not hesitat to contact a psychologist on the northern beaches. Psychology Northern Beaches .


Depression is the second largest mental health condition with an estimated 3 million Australians per year suffering from the condition. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. If you live in Mona Vale or newport or the northern beaches contact us

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making descisions
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Guilt worthlessnes and helplessness
  • Hoplessness

Should you be suffering it is impiortasnt to see your local GP and get in touch with a psychologist.

If your on the northern beaches and would like extra information on how a therapist maybe able to help you or a loved one feel free to contact us.


Mental health conditions such as anxiety northern beaches can be treated and we aim to provide you with the best therapist for your condition. Therapy is an important step in any recovery from a mental health condition. Should you not know where to start in your recovery please contact us and we will help you in your very first step in recovery. We always suggest speaking to your local General Practitioner and then speaking to a psychologist. Sometimes the start to therapy can be the hardest and we are here to help. There are plenty of great psychologist get in touch with one today. A good psychologist will care about what your going through, help you get support outside of the one on one therapy, provide information such as books articles and everything and anything that will support you outside the once a week consultation. Most people find there first few therapy sessions very challenging. Anxiety, depression and counselling dee why are no exception we sometimes recommend joining a support group. Mona Vale Newport.

Psychologist’s are experts in studying human behaviour and brain processes. Psychologists have to of finished a university degree where in counsellors generaly have completed a college degree. Nowadays there are different types of psychologists (clinical, behavioural etc). The main difference being that clinical psychologists mainly operate in the field of assessment and have slightly different training. However most clinical psychologists have a major lack in one on one talk therapy training as there job is mainly to asses. In most countries it is compulsory for a psychologist to have done a certain amount of there own therapy, however in Australia this is not a mandatory requirement. Some psychologists strictly work in research and have little training in talk therapy as some psychologist who specialise in talk therapy have little training in research. In some countries clinical psychologists are able to prescribe medication however in Australia this is not the case. Business psychologists generally are research orientated and rairly counsell people within the business there working for. Usually if someone within who needs help will be directed to an EAP provider.

Emotional Assistance Psychologist Northern Beaches

EAP psychologists are there to help and assist employees of a business who may be having stress related issues due to work, workplace bullying, grief and loss within the work place and or other work related mental issues. An EAP psychologist can play a major role in helping a worker return to work after suffering a workplace related accident or incedent. On the northern beaches we are lucky enough to have some amazing EAP support psychologists, contact us and we will provide a recommendation.

Trauma Therapists

Trauma therapists deal mainly with grief and loss and are experts at counselling big event trauma. Generally people seeking mental health help have gone through a cycle of multiple situational build up, meaning it is an accumulative process. Where as grief and loss therapy is very often a circumstance of one or two extremely distressing events. Death is a very good example, when someone has witnessed a tragic death often all else in life is good, however this one event can lead them into a world of disappear and hurt and they seek therapy just for this event.